Saturday, November 27, 2010

See??? I told you I was a bad blogger! At least I have been staying busy doing other things, like making a ridiculous amount of these Menu boards (I considered not posting them since some of you will be receiving these for Christmas, but what the heck). I spent about a million hours making these yesterday, mostly because the stickers I used were impossible to work with. It was fun though and I'm happy with the result.

There are plenty more of these, but blogger wouldn't let me upload them all (another reason I dislike blogging:)).
Thanksgiving was awesome; I have so much to be grateful for, but more than anything, I'm grateful for this fantastic vacation time and that I get to spend every moment with my husband.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween!! We had a fun-filled Halloween weekend, beginning with a mystery Clue party (thanks Emily!), and followed by Miranda's visit, a bridal shower, a ward party, a friends party, and of course, lots of candy. We don't have pictures of our Clue costumes quite yet, but we do have some from Halloween day #2 (ironically, we only celebrated Halloween on the 29th and 30th since the 31st was Sunday)

Justin was a big hit with his cute puffy pants (our bishop even said that Justin was the best dressed. Unfortunately we didn't stay at our ward party long enough to find out if he won the costume contest). From the back, however, he was a little scandalous:
We had a fantastic Halloween with great friends. Miranda was in town for some pre-wedding celebrations, so we capitalized on her company and had an action packed day. Here we are making Haunted Halloween houses. I was super impressed with Justin's noose-making skills.
We had a ton of fun at Brett and Ashley's house with Seth, Janica, Miranda, Jennifer, and Bubba. The winning costumes were definitely worn by Mir, Jen, and Bub. You'll see why:

They are quite the happy polygamists!
All-in-all, we had a great weekend and it was so much fun to be with my long-lost lover, best friend, and confidant, Miranda Buell (soon to be Clements).
Love her!